Friday, December 13, 2013

CrossFit Training Weeks 4-5

WellnessFX Physical Challenge: Max Christine Push-Ups
1:1 Coaching

After constantly questioning myself about my training choices and talking to others, I finally decided to start 1:1 coaching with John Post.  He actually seems excited about my goals.  I need someone who at least thinks it's possible for me to make the team.

My first session was part discussion, diagnostic, skill work, and a short HIIT workout.  The result of our first session was a training scheduled, my first set of butterfly pull-ups, sore abs, and a ripped hand (NEVER AGAIN!).

New schedule: 
5 Level 1 days a week
1:1 once a week
25 chin-ups and dips on work days
continue mobility and skill work

This all makes sense to me, although I worry that it isn't aggressive enough.  The key will be to work hard and focus during regular classes.  Eventually, the intention (I believe) is to keep the rest days, but make work days 2-a-days.

Mobility Rx

These last two weeks have been great here.  I've gotten two fantastic ah-ha moments with my overhead position and hamstrings.  The problem with my left hamstring was that I would have increasing pain as I did stretchy mobilizations.  The simple fix for that is to be completely warm.  I finally messed around with my first-rib stuff based on what Roop and Becoming a Supple Leopard said.  After jamming a pvc pipe in there and working my overhead position, I grabbed at least an extra 5 degrees of motion.  I obviously need a lot more than that, but it's for this mobility crap to actually show some results.

Bergener Olympic Lifting

Coach Mike Bergener is a pretty big deal in the CrossFit community for teaching olympic lifting.  I've been watching a ton of his videos.  I'm trying to internalize his lessons, and I'm adding the Bergener warmup to my pre-workout routine.  One encouraging thing I learned was the emphasis on footwork.  This is encouraging because I can work on footwork as much as I want without fatiguing myself.  

Although not from Bergener, I started taking a huge breath before going for a heavy lift to help stabilize my core.  This along with committing to the hook grip really helped when I was working on the Clean & Jerk.  I felt really stable and had not grip fatigue.

1 RMs

Clean & Jerk - 185 (12/9/13) 
Snatch - 135 (9/7/13) 
Back Squat - 275 (11/29/13) 
Front Squat - 205 (1/7/13)
DL - 315 (7/9/13)

I made a few PRs recently, and I'm confident that I'll be able to add to these every time I retest.