Friday, May 31, 2013

Writing Week 4

After a break, I'm picking most things back up.  I never got back to writing.  It's disappointing, because I would like to be better at writing, and I think that I would like to start concretizing my ideas.  Maybe I'll swap out a future month for a Writing Take 2.

Although I enjoyed working on Meditation, I've given it up for now.  I like not having a lot of things to do in the morning (at least I do right now).  Maybe I'll try some long (30+ minutes) meditation sessions on the weekends.  I've also researched a few free guided meditation places which might be interesting.

I'm pure paleo again; so, I'm back on the healthy eating.  I've even dropped soda (trying again); so, I've started drinking black tea for the caffeine.

I haven't been doing the Procrastination stuff, because I just want to get to work and start working instead of doing some random real estate task that I don't really want to do.  I'd like to figure out how to be happy with how that all works, but I don't like delaying work or wasting my reserves and non-work stuff.

Next month is Simplify Your Day.  I think I'm pretty good at this already, but it basically consists of saying 'No' to some non-essential request/task each day.

For self-tracking, I'm back on everything I was doing before.  I've added water as well.  I want to add measuring range of motion, but I'm a bit stalled on that because I either need a trained partner and goniometer(s) or use an iPhone app that I'm not sure I can trust.

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