Friday, March 8, 2013

Meditation Week 1

The first week of Meditation I count as a win.  I actually only did it 3-4 times, but I really enjoyed the challenge and the resultant relaxed feeling.  

I couldn't believe how fast I would lose focus.  I always did it in the morning just before leaving for work.  This had a side benefit of making my walks to the bus extra serene.  I would sit comfortably in my chair and stair at some spot in front of me.  I tried to think of just breathing in and out.  I would even think "In… Out…"  Regardless of my tactic, I was thinking about other stuff almost right away.  I could bring myself back, but I would lose it just as fast.  

I figured that I'd be better at this, but I'm mostly optimistic.  What will it mean if I do get good at it?

Still drinking green tea (with an occasional DMD) and eating sweet potato and avocado.

My MIPTs have been failing this week.  I got super focused on a work project and didn't let myself work on things in the morning.

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