Friday, March 29, 2013

Meditation Week 4

Unfortunately, this is the end of my Meditation month.  I'm not sure I gave it my best effort.  I never got past 5 minutes.  I only did it 4 times in the last week.  I was really hoping to incorporate this going forward.

The good news is that next month is supposed to be The Exercise Habit.  Obviously, I don't have a problem with that; so, I'm thinking of trying to the Mediation month over again.  Here are some potential reasons I didn't do that well, and how I'm hoping to fix them this go 'round.

Forgot - A number of mornings I straight up forgot to do it.  That's lame.  I tried fixing it with a morning alarm, and that mostly fixed the forgetting problem (as long as I hit snooze until I actually did it).

Out of time - The only days that I did it were when I had ample time in the morning.  Of course, having time in the morning is completely subjective.  Especially when you're only talking about 5 minutes, the decision that you don't have enough time is really a procrastination technique.  This one is tough to overcome, because I'm not really willing to wake up earlier to have more time.  I also prefer to do it right before I leave (see optimal); so, I can't just do it right when I wake up or whatever to avoid running out of time.  I think my best bet is to sell myself on the benefits of meditation more.  I think that if I knew that I was going to get a bunch of awesome results, I'd be able to justify the time and avoid procrastination in the moment.  I think I'll start reading some more about meditation to get syked about it.

Optimal - I really enjoyed the immediate feeling after meditation going into work.  It lasted about 30 minutes or so even at 2-5 minutes of meditation.  This put my brain in a great place to start the day.  The problem is that it forces me to do it last thing in the morning, which contributes to out of time above.  I suspect that I'm partly using this optimal seeking as a procrastination technique, because I know it deprioritizes it for my morning routine.  I'm going to try the techniques above for a week.  If that doesn't fix everything, I'll start putting it earlier in my morning routine.

Night motivation - So why don't I just do it at night if I missed it in the morning?  Duh.  I've long learned that I have zero will power left by the end of the day.  It takes everything I have to not go out to eat for dinner every night or just buy junk food and watch endless hours of Amazon Prime Instant Videos.  There' s no I'm convincing myself to do something at night that I couldn't convince myself to do in the morning when I was at my strongest.

Killing it on avocado and sweet potato.  Not doing great with the migration from soda to green tea.  I'm sort of going in backwards on that.

My procrastination work is about the same.  It's actually very similar to the mediation issues; I set the MIPT, but then keep pushing it back in the day, because I want to focus on work.  Tighten up!

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