Friday, April 5, 2013

Meditation Take 2 Week 1

If you're following along, I decided to restart the Meditation month from March.  I mostly failed last month, and I wanted to give myself another shot.  Luckily, April is Exercise, and I don't need to focus on developing that.  Last week, I came up with a bunch of plans to help me do better this time.  I didn't really do any of them.

It turns out that, rededicating myself was enough.  Also, making it obvious that skipping it because I "didn't have time" was a procrastination technique.  I've been doing it every day and bumped it up to 5 MINUTES today.

I've noticed that focusing on my breathing is getting easier.  I've started incorporating the thought of a shore where the water retreats when I breathe in, and rushes up when I breathe out.  Super hippy, but it seems to work.

I made my MIPT meditation; so, I'm 100% there.  I've been solid on the healthy foods as well.

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