Friday, September 20, 2013

Gratitude Week 3

I've been doing really well on the Gratitude habit this week.  I've found it works really well to just think about what I'm grateful for as I'm going to sleep.  Maybe that'll subconsciously do something for me too.

I really like Leo's article on Using Gratitude to Form Habits (that link to sea change members).  Basically, you think about being grateful for each of the steps of forming a habit (choose a habit, commit, do it, check in).  This let's you feel good about the steps before you even see the results.  I know I've accidentally done this in the past, and it works great.  In fact, I wonder if that's why it's easier in the beginning of forming a habit, because you're pumped about getting to do it (maybe not).

Now that I've been successful so far, I think I'm going to incorporate gratitude into my other habits (mobilizing, self tracking, crossfit, paleo, etc).

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