Friday, September 27, 2013

Gratitude Week 4

This last week I tried to be grateful as I was checking off the completion of my habits.  I should have done it as I was about to do the habit, but it was still nice.

I've really enjoyed this Gratitude thing.  It's all been very subtle, but whenever I did it, I was always happier afterward.  Can't complain about that.

I'm going to continue these two habits (3 things I'm grateful for before going to bed and being grateful while performing habits) for a while.

Next week is Reduce/Eliminate Debt.  The idea here is obvious.  The habits you're going for are 
  1. Face debts
  2. Be conscious of spending
  3. Automatic debt reduction
  4. Regular review
The problem with these habits is that they aren't daily.  These can be developed but take 1-2 years.

To form these long term habits, we start with a daily Intention habit of declaring how you're going to be I guess.  It's kind of like a daily affirmation, but it's something like, "Today I intend to be conscious about my spending…."

Personally, I'm pretty good with these long term habits already.  I've had everything in for years.  I know my debts, assets, network, payments, etc.  All payments are automatic.  I review and categorize all charges once a week.  

The only thing I don't do is watch spending.  I basically buy whatever I want, but I'm naturally against buying stuff.  I get trapped on buying perishable things like food (restaurants), drinks, services, etc.

I think what I'll do is make my daily Intention focused on spending to help me make better short term choices.  Then I'll take 5 minutes a day to identify something I can eliminate and actually eliminate it (I'm looking at you Earth Class Mail).

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