Friday, January 18, 2013

Procrastination Week 2

This last week's goal was to form the Start Habit.  The idea is that just getting started is the hardest part of completing a task.  If you start, you'll likely get over the initial friction and complete it.  If not, at least you made a dent.

I was very good at setting and starting my MIPTs (Most Important Procrastination Task) during the work week.  I ended up picking the same task most of the days.  I would do a chunk of work on it (CRPs for my rentals - gross), and then go back to work.  It wasn't very hard.  I also got my hair cut, which I typically procrastinate for weeks on.

The weekend was a different story.  I set my MIPT, but never started them.  I think if I tried to do my MIPT first thing instead of planning it amongst all my other work, I could better guarantee that it happens.

Overall, the week was successful.  It may have to do with the MIPT being the same most days though.  After the first day's initial friction is overcome, maybe it's easier subsequent days.  Perhaps I should force the MIPT to be different each day regardless of whether it was finished.

This post is 3 days late.  That is not from procrastination.  I was crazy sick since Monday night.

Because I've been sick, I'm starting this week's goal of the Pause Habit late.  I'm supposed to pause whenever I feel the urge to procrastinate while doing my task, take a deep breathe, and let it fade away.  Sounds like a bunch of hippy crap, but we'll see...

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