Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Public Accountability

In the interest of being successful with my commitment to following The Zen Habits Sea Change Program, I've decided to publicly post once a week on my progress and adherence.  

From the site:
Sea Change v2 is a monthly membership program designed to help you implement and stick to changes, with a different module each month. Modules will be focused on helping you: 
Stop procrastinating [January]
Eat healthier [February]
Meditate [March]
Exercise [April]
Write daily [May]
Simplify your day [June]
Get organized [July]
Declutter [August]
Be grateful [September]
Reduce/eliminate debt [October]
Read more [November]
Let go [December]
I'm actually pretty decent at most of these, but I've found myself slipping recently.  I'm also using this to offload choosing what I should "work on next"; so that I can be sure to make incremental improvement.

The first month is about Procrastination.  The first week is commiting to Habit 1 - Most Important Task.  Again, I'm actually pretty far along with setting goals and task management (I've been using Nozbe for GTD for years), but this will get me back into a simplier set of good habits (I hope).

I've run into some serious procrastination issues recently with NewGroupies.  I've wanted to do some design things as well as some feature enhancements/redesigns.  I've found it very difficult to get going on these for some reason.  I'm experiencing similar procrastination with some real estate and day-to-day items as well.  I hope this gets me going on the right track.

Next week, I'll report on how I did each day, what I learned and what I'll be focusing on for the next week.

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