Friday, February 1, 2013

Procrastination Week 4

This was pretty much a failure for the procrastination stuff.  I think I only did 2-3 MIPTs.  Of course, I didn't do any of the stuff over my trip (26-31).

I learned a bit about how I procrastinate and some of the causes.  Most of the stuff that gets in my way is related to worrying that others will think I suck.  Instead of doing something and risk being ridiculed, I put it off.  

One of the common procrastination mechanisms I use is planning/tracking.  I use my mini-OCD in task management to trick myself into reprioritizing the thing I don't want to do lower and lower.  Or I will overindulge in note taking or number tracking instead of just doing the thing I should be doing.

Although I certainly don't think that I've solved my procrastination issues, I am more aware of my actions.  I plan to continue to set a MIPT and track the good and bad associated with completing it.

Healthy Eating

February's focus is on healthy eating. The plan is to pick some aspect of healthy eating to work on each week, and focus on it each day.  The main approach is replacing a bad food/habit with a healthy alternative, like replacing chips with carrots and peanut butter.  In the first week, they suggest picking the easiest change possible to get used the process.

My healthy eating issues don't occur daily.  They occur weekly.  I usually eat perfectly (from my perspective) during the week, but I eat poorly on the weekend.  However, instead of focusing on the larger problems, I'm just going to try to expand my food choices.  

This week, I will eat avocado every day.  This isn't going to replace anything, and I already like avocado.  That's what makes it easy.  Other food additions will include mostly vegetables, perhaps cooked in different ways.

Another aspect of the plan is mindfully eating the alternate/new food.  I will pay particular attention to this.  In general, I want to be more mindful, and this will be an excellent 5-10 minutes per day to get going.

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