Thursday, February 6, 2014

CrossFit Training Week 13


Not much improvement on my shoulder.  In fact, working on muscle-ups may have set me back a little.  I think failing on a muscle-up puts you in a really bad position.  I'll likely forgo working on them for a while.  As far as the open goes, the difference being able to do ONE muscle-up and ZERO is only 1 of hundreds of reps.  It's not gonna make much difference on my scores.  I'll likely see a higher ROI on chest to bar pull-up practice.


I've been hurting on sleep this week.  I honestly don't feel more fatigued at workouts or notice any slowing of recovery, but there's no way it's not having a negative effect.  In general I need to free up my time more to allow for more sleep and more auxiliary work and mobility.


The lack of sleep has only exacerbated my poor diet.  It's not the worst I've ever done, but I could be doing a lot better.  It's actually embarrassing that I'm so weak by the end of the day.  All of my little tricks have been short-lived or just failed.


As I've fallen into a set weekly training routine, I've found that my pre and post workout routines have gotten more efficient, effective, and intuitive.  For a while, I had a scripted routine that I followed.  Now I base it more off of how I feel, the upcoming workout, and how much time I have.  It's been a positive side effect of my shoulder and hand issues as well.


We've been doing more snatching recently, which is great for me.  I even got to do a nice piece on overhead squatting over the weekend.  I'm gradually getting more comfortable in the shapes; although, I need to be more thoughtful during workouts with a lot of cycling.  Still no PRs or anything, but I'm getting a touch more comfortable.

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