Monday, February 17, 2014

CrossFit Training Week 14


I've been working on chest to bar pull-ups more.  Although, they're still my weakest movement (along with snatches), I'm starting to learn how to get the most out of them.  I've found that a slightly narrower grip works better, allowing me to get my chest closer (not sure why).  I think I'm actually going higher than I need to, because I haven't quite found the right grove yet.  If I'm lucky, they'll show up toward the end of the open to give me more time to train them.

Clean & Jerks

I've had a few session with John about clean and jerks.  Recently, I've really started to dial in the cycling.  My overhead mobility restrictions are still a limiting factor on the jerk, but I feel like they're becoming one of my strengths.


I've noticed a perceived drop-off in my met-con recently; so, I've been putting some focus on that.  In particular, I've tried to figure out how to stay below the redline so that I don't burn out.   I've also added a couple workouts to focus on proficiency while fatigued and to just push my breathing.  I think a little more focus here will really pay off, and I don't need much recovery from these types of workouts.

WOD Preparation

As I've complained about before, my shoulder and hands are still a problem.  Most of the time I can mobilize my shoulders enough so there's no pain, but sometimes I just have to deal with it.  The annoying  thing is that it messes up some of my workouts.  I think I can mitigate this better than I have with more wod-specific preparation.  There's no excuse for my front rack to hurt in a workout just because I didn't stretch out my hands enough.


I PR'd my deadlift.  Up to 345#.

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