Saturday, February 22, 2014

CrossFit Training Week 15

One Week Out

So, this thing is about to start next weekend.  Obviously, there's not a lot of improvement to be made by next week, but it's 5 weeks long; so, there's actually still a lot of training time left.  I'll continue to focus on my weak movements: snatches and pull-ups until one of the workouts has them.  Otherwise, I'm going to concentrate on met-cons, mobility, and recovery.  I'm hoping to perform well each week, not get injured, and maybe even enjoy myself.

Overhead Squat

I had a great session with John this week.  We worked on overhead squats (OHS).  This session really showed how improving my shoulder range of motion could dramatically improve my lifts.  Although that's obvious, increasing my OHS 1RM from 125# to 155# is still a good day.  I learned specifically what mobility things I need to work on, a better hand position on the bar, and some routines I can use before doing OHS or snatches.

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