Saturday, December 17, 2011

30 Day Voice Over Trial - Day 10

I wanted to copy one of the movie trailer voice overs; so, I found the Geico commercial with Don LaFontaine.  I thought it would be neat to just record my voice right over his; so, I figured out how to get the youtube audio into garage band (see steps below).

Original from youtube:

My audio dubbed over on soundcloud recorded in garage band:

Steps to get audio from youtube into garage band:

  1. Install Google Chrome extension:
  2. Reload youtube video in a tab
  3. Download as mp3
  4. Drag mp3 into an open garage band project
I tried a lot harder to get this one right.  I re-recorded a ton of times.  I eventually stopped trying to get the nuance of his voice and just focus on inflection and pace.  I learned a lot more about garage band and editing the tracks.  I figured out how to mute tracks, delete chunks of tracks, adjust volumes of individual tracks to make everything match, mess with different voice effects.  I even got to add a neat cinematic sound loop under my vocals to give it more drama like LaFontaine's.  That sound loop dramatically increased the quality.  If you tried to submit a commercial demo without the sound, you'd be stupid.

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