Monday, December 19, 2011

30 Day Voice Over Trial - Day 12

This time I went back to trying to copy a good voice that was closer to my own.  I think his still has more bass in it, but its close.  I don't have the words for what I mean actually.  Its not that the pitch is lower, it just has more oomph behind it.  Maybe I'm thinking of timbre.  Anyway, here's his (start at :40):

And here's mine:

I recorded it MANY times trying to match and trying my own.  I eventually settled on this.  I had a lot of things to fine tune.  Because of my lack of professional hardware, I think my mic is always going to be my bottleneck.  It seems to distort quickly at medium-high volume.  I just softened my volume for the final cut.

I grabbed a music loop that seemed to match the tone of the commercial.  It wasn't the same at all as the original, but still seemed to fit.

I transcribed the words this time, but always have the problem of actually seeing them while recording in garage band.  I used the Air Display app on my iPad with the Mac to just show TextEdit on the iPad while I kept garage band open on the Mac.  Perfect.

I still have problems getting the volumes correct between the music and vocal tracks.  It sounds correct in garage band, but when I export the m4a, its way off.

The other thing I did was add a fade out at the end.  Pretty simple.

I learned that my enunciation isn't as good right off the bat.  I need to work on that.  I still need more modulation.  When I go up, it sounds a bit strained too.

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