Thursday, December 15, 2011

30 Day Voice Over Trial - Day 8

I haven't found a mentor (I've barely looked), but I decided to just try out my idea of reading the blogs that I like.  I started with a popular blog by Tim Ferriss: The Art of Letting Bad Things Happen (and Weapons of Mass Distraction).  To get over myself, I decided to just open up garage band and record the thing without any prep work.  That's not really true though, because I went through at least 5 other blog posts before deciding on this one.  Here's what I got:

Towards the end, I had to keep re-recording sections because I would mess something up.  Not sure if my focus dies off that quick, or I just started noticing things.  A few things I noticed/learned:

  1. My tone got more natural very fast.  I was sort of doing "announcer guy" in the beginning, but got a little bit more conversational (which is more appropriate for this blog).  I fluttered back and forth with this.  I usually fell back to more stiff when I was concentrating on something specifically.
  2. I smacked my lips a bunch in the beginning.  After having to re-record a few sections, I heard myself doing it.  You can hear that I did it much less in the last half.
  3. As I get more relaxed, my voice raises pitch a bit, back into my normal speaking range.  It sounds better there too.
  4. I think I have a bit of back-of-the-through, nasal sound in my voice.  I should work on moving the "forward".
  5. There were a few sentences that sounded very bad when read aloud.  I had to to figure out where to put the accent(s).
  6. I learned a few things in garage band:
    1. Record/play/back up shortcuts
    2. You can just start recording over an existing part of a track.  No need to delete anything.
    3. So far the easiest way to get a project into soundcloud is to export to disk.  This creates an .m4a which is accepted by soundcloud.
I'm not even getting my 1hr/day average so far (I spent longer on this blog post than I did recording), but it's nice to get something out there.

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