Friday, December 9, 2011

30 Day Voice Over Trial - Day 2

So, I've decided to go through with this trial.  Ever since Steve Pavlina started posting about his 30 Day Music Trial, it got me jealous that I hadn't tried anything brand new for a while.

I've wanted to do voice over stuff since high school, but never had the balls to try anything.  That's what this trial is about: a small commitment to try it out with no obligation to continue past the 30 days.  Hopefully it will work out great, and I'll become the next movie trailer voice, but either way, I finally did something.

Today I read those Steve Pavlina posts about the 30 day trial just to get some tips.  Not much there I needed.  The other main thing I did was decide that I want to contact Dave Courvoisier ( to help guide me a bit.  Dave is a great voice over talent that lives here in Vegas.

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