Monday, May 9, 2011

Warrior Day 1

Weight: 195.2
BF%: 20.10%
Muscle: 155.96
Fat: 39.24

Experiencing similar coldness in hands and feet as I used to during the fast/undereating phase.  Took a short cold shower to see if forcing my body to warm itself up would keep my hands and feet warm.  I left my shirt and pants off for the same reason.  The coldness came back in about an hour after the shower.

I still haven't felt hungry at all.  I'm just drinking some water and rockstar (sugar free).  Despite only getting 5 hours sleep.  I'm pretty focused.  Basically I feel completely normal except for being cold.

Never got hungry.  Its a bit weird.  I took a 2 hour nap at 5 which was awesome.  I need to research napping with warrior and sympathetic/parasympathetic nervous systems.

Did the same workout as yesterday even though I was pretty sore: 10 rounds of 1 pull up (supine grip), 10 pushups, 10 kettle bell swings w/ 50 lb dumbell.  I did it in 17.5 minutes.  I'll be trying this workout everyday this week to try to get the time down.  I'll also be trying more difficult pull up grips.

Warrior Meal (in order):

  • green beans w/ a little butter
  • a few carrots
  • ~6oz chicken, fresh spinach, kidney beans
  • ham
  • 12 almonds
  • 600 mg alpha lipoic acid, 2000 iu vitamin d, 2000 mg cissus quadrangularis, multi vitamin
  • 5 whole eggs
  • green beans w/ a little butter
  • l-glutamine
I was wondering about the use of PAGG on warrior and found an incredibly detailed blog of someone who did what I'm trying to do.  They're much more fit, almost bodybuilder; so, they have a really great perspective from all their other experiences.  Really good resource.  They basically just used AGG before the main meal and PAG before bed.

Took PAG, D, and teaspoon of cod liver oil

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