Thursday, May 19, 2011

Warrior Day 11

Weight: 192.2
BF%: 21.3%
Muscle: 151.26
Fat: 40.94

Didn't log for a while because I didn't do well over the weekend.

For some reason my bf% jumped from Monday: 19.8, Tuesday: 20.7, today.  Conversely, my weight is going down from 195.  I think I need to just decide on the exact food I'll eat each day, even if that's different depending on the workout.

I'm working towards my goal of one round of 10 pullups (medium-wide grip), 100 pushups, 100 50lb kettle bell swings (Russian).  I started with 10 rounds of 10.  Monday I did 3x20, 4x10.  Wednesday I did 4x20, 2x10.  I'm planning to gradually reduce the rounds over time.  I'll probably give up on this, but I'm liking it so far.  It really pumps my chest and triceps.  The pushups are by far the hardest part, but i probably couldn't do one round for pullups or kettle bells.

I was planning on posting weekly pictures, but I didn't like how the last half of last week went.  Oh, I decided not to do supplements this week (other than vitamin d and multi).

Didn't do a workout because I was lazy, but we did go for a decent walk before we ate.  I felt a lot more hunger than I have before.

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