Monday, May 9, 2011

Warrior Diet

I decided to blog my progress this time instead of just writing in my little Evernote notebook.  My goal is get my weight down to 170 from my current 195 (depends on the day).  As a disclaimer, I've successfully did the Warrior Diet for about 2 months in October/November/December and lost about 20 lbs (215 to 195).  I usually refer to it as Paleo/Warrior, because I also only ate Paleo.  Previously, I primarily did a water fast until the main warrior meal instead of bits of fruits and vegetables.  This was mostly out of convenience, because I don't like many vegetables.

This go 'round, I will be closer to Warrior/Slow-Carb, as I will not be eating fruit, and I will be eating beans.   This is an attempt to maximize my fat loss by limiting high-glycemic index foods.  I may also experiment with the PAGG non-stimulant stack from the Four Hour Body.  I didn't use any supplements on warrior previously.

I haven't decided an exact workout plan yet, but I'll likely do some poor man's version of a crossfit workout everyday or every other day depending on the intensity.  (my previous success with warrior was also while I was going to crossfit ~3 times a week)  It is very unlikely that I will do any extended cardio (running, biking, elliptical) as I think that shit is a waste of time compared to a badass crossfit workout.

I record my weight, body fat %, and calculated muscle and fat.  I use a scale that calculates my bodyfat with bioelectrical impedance.  I'll try to post those numbers every day along with relevant observations, decisions, issues, etc.

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