Saturday, May 28, 2011

Warrior Day 20

Weight: 189
BF: 19.4%
Muscle: 152.33
Fat: 36.67

I had a very good week this week.  My post cheat weekend weight was 195.6.  I was able to get some kind of workout in every day.  I created a meal plan that is about 1200 calories 40/30/30 protein/carbs/fat and stuck to it every day.  With naps, I was able to average 7 hours of sleep per day.

I look better too.  I have sun burn right now, otherwise I would post pictures.  Maybe I'll wait until I get to 185 so it will be a 10lb difference.  The workout I do 10 pull ups, 100 pushups, 100x50lb kettle bell swings is really working well too.  My chest, triceps, biceps, shoulders, and back are all shaping nicely.  On the other days, I'm doing tabata sprints (got up to 10.5 mph) and myotatic crunches.

Today is cheat day.  I'm pumped as always, but I could probably go another week without one if I tried.  I've had this dilema before on slow-carb.  I tried it a couple times and it always fails.  By Tuesday, I'm completely off the train, and I ruin the whole week.  It might be different on Warrior, but I'd rather not risk it.

I'll be looking to eat chocolate, taco bell tacos, funions, chicken fried rice, and alcohol.  I'll try to keep my hydration up, get some fiber throughout the day, and put in some hard workouts.  I might try to max out on pull ups, push ups, kettle bells.

My "warrior meal" is (not eaten in this order):

  • 4 eggs
  • 3 servings of green beans
  • 2 servings of kidney beans
  • 1 serving of almonds
  • 5oz chicken
  • fresh spinach (with the chicken as a salad)
  • 2 slices of ham
  • 1 serving of carrots

I know that 6 pounds in 20 days is no big deal, but this is the first week I've done it correctly.  If I can get a few more weeks like this one, I'll be solid.

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